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  • CHF 19.90
    CHF 19.90

    Intimate Organics Massageoil RelaxIntimate Organics Lemongrass and Coconut is a certified 100% natural organic Massage Oil containing natural extracts. This oil is perfect to help relaxation and ease muscle pain. This massage oil is also perfect for foreplay. Its delicate fragrance will quickly awaken all your senses before sexual relation. Use after... Intimate Organics Massageoil...

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    CHF 37.90

    Embrace, a complete vaginal kit to quickly and effectively strengthen the vaginal walls ... Embrace offers the perfect solution for firming your vaginal walls in an immediate way thanks to it's kit that includes a firming gel and a pair of metal balls Geisha. Just apply the Pleasure Embrace gel one hour before sexual intercourse and your vaginal walls... Embrace, a complete vaginal kit to...

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