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  • CHF 17.90
    CHF 17.90

    Toy Cleaner by Joujou Toy Cleaner by Joujou is an anti bacterial lotion that has been specially designed to take care of all your vibrators, dildo, dildos, etc. plug ...Simply clean your sex toy with soap and water and then use this spray to eliminate all traces of bacteria and to prevent fungal or other irritations.Toy Cleaner by Joujou is exclusively... Toy Cleaner by Joujou Toy Cleaner by...

  • CHF 19.90
    CHF 19.90

    Natural Lube: an intimate water based lubricant of high quality for a natural feeling ... Natural Lube is a lubricant specially formulated to fight against vaginal dryness or to accompany your toys in your intimate games. Like all products of the brand JouJou, this intimate gel is a high quality product presented in a beautiful discreet bottle that do... Natural Lube: an intimate water based...

  • CHF 100.00
    CHF 100.00

    Voucher Gift a voucher available in 3 variants 30, 50 or CHF 100.- to please your lover or your best friends ! Running out of ideas for the perfect romantic gift? will let you please your loved ones without mistaking thanks to the "Sexy Voucher Gift". You just have to choose the value of the Gift. We offer you a choice of 30, 50 or... Voucher Gift a voucher...

  • CHF 47.90
    CHF 47.90

    Cobra Power is a dietary supplement for men to solve problems or erectile dysfunction ensuring maximum blood to flow into your penis. This will give you a very hard and long lasting erection. This stimulant has a manufacturing process quite revolutionary to preserve 98% of the active properties of plants and roots throughout their processing. Cobra Power... Cobra Power is a dietary supplement...

  • CHF 29.90
    CHF 29.90

    Sweet Fruity Cum: to improve and change the taste of sperm ! A woman who swallows sperm often does it to please her partner. Sweet Fruity Cum is an 100% natural dietary supplement composed of plant extracts that acts directly on the taste of your cum. It helps to reduce the acidity of the sperm and give it a slightly sweet and pleasant taste with fruit... Sweet Fruity Cum: to improve and...

  • CHF 35.90
    CHF 35.90

    Testo Maxi Power: to maintain an optimal androderm levels and boost your sexual appetite ! If you suffer from a lack of sexual desire, maybe is that your androderm levels may be down? Testo Maxi Power is a dietary supplement composed of 100% natural plant extracts that will help you maintain an optimal levels of androderm to provide you more vigor, tone... Testo Maxi Power: to maintain an...

  • CHF 29.90
    CHF 29.90

    Guarana Power: for powerful and long lasting erections over the long term ! Long before the blue pills, men were using natural plants to boost their erections and improve their sexual performances. Guarana Power is a dietary supplement 100% natural that allows you to significantly improve circulation in your penis to obtain durable and strong erections.... Guarana Power: for powerful and long...

  • CHF 37.90
    CHF 37.90

    Ginseng Power, a powerful aphrodisiac 100% natural ! Ginseng Power is a 100% natural product made from Red Ginseng. Red Ginseng is a root used for over 5000 years in traditional Chinese medicine. This ancestral root is regularly used to stimulate sexual desire and enhance erections naturally and in the long term. By following a cure of one month of... Ginseng Power, a powerful aphrodisiac...

  • CHF 21.90 CHF 29.90
    CHF 21.90 CHF 29.90

    Libido Power Patch: a powerful natural aphrodisiac patch for women and men ... Libido Power Patch is a new aphrodisiac 100% natural and very powerful designed both for men and women. Libido Power Patch is made from concentrated plant extracts that stimulate the libido and significantly increase the sexual performance of men and women. The exclusive... Libido Power Patch: a powerful...

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  • CHF 29.90
    CHF 29.90

    Maca Power improves you sexual performance in the long term. Maca Power is a 100% natural product made from 80% maca and 20% ginger. Maca Power is much like carbohydrates in sports unlike Cobra Power from the same brand that is more like quick energy and will give you immediately a strong erection. With a cure of about one month at a rate of one to two... Maca Power improves you sexual...

  • CHF 39.90
    CHF 39.90

    Maxi Power Size: to develop the cavernous tissue of your penis in a 100% natural way... Maxisize Power is a 100% natural dietary supplement especially developed for men who wish to develop the size and diameter of their penis. Indeed, Maxisize Power will significantly expand the cavernosum corpus of your penis and also improve steadily the blood flow.... Maxi Power Size: to develop the...

  • CHF 17.90
    CHF 17.90

    Bois Bandé (Muirapuama)Nothing in here but all natural ingredients & the finest available. This extract has one active ingredient and that is bois bande. That may be all you need, after all in French Bois Bande means "hard wood". Unlike synthetic or chemical products that may produce harmful side effects, BOIS BANDE acts quickly, naturally, and... Bois Bandé (Muirapuama)Nothing in...

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