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  • CHF 119.90
    CHF 119.90

    Jack Socket, the first masturbator of its kind combining masturbation and electrostimulation ... Prepare yourself for a brand new sexual experience with this incredible masturbator from the ElectraStim brand. The masturbator Jack Socket Electro is a revolutionary male masturbator that combines the incomparable sensations of electrostimulation (e-stim)... Jack Socket, the first masturbator of...

  • CHF 339.90
    CHF 339.90

    ElectraStim EM-48, an electro remote control with a range of 60m to boost your partner from afar... With the remote controled Stimulator ElectraStim you are about to transform the way you experience electrostimulation. Indeed, this remote-controled electro sex machine has a range of up to 60 metres. It will allow you to stimulate your submissive partner... ElectraStim EM-48, an electro remote...

  • CHF 69.90
    CHF 69.90

    "ElectraLoops Prestige Silver" cock rings: 2 penis rings incorporating an Estim function for even more intense stimulation and for solid erections ! With the ElectraStim ElectraLoops cockrings, you will get to the next level in terms of sexual pleasure, taking advantage of new, incredibly enjoyable sensations. These penis rings are 6.5 mm thick and are... "ElectraLoops Prestige Silver" cock...

  • CHF 369.00
    CHF 369.00

    Flux Stimulator Unit : ElectraStim continues to innovate and update its product range with a brand new high performance stimulator !! Offering intense stimulation power (99 levels) and a wide range of game modes, the dual output Estim Flux unit combines some of the most popular and innovative modes of ElectraStim's stimulator offering and wraps them in a... Flux Stimulator Unit : ElectraStim...

  • CHF 165.90
    CHF 165.90

    ElectraStim EM60-E, a stimulation kit to connect all your e-stim toys ... The brand new ElectraStim EM60-E is the perfect pack for all estim beginners and those who are simply looking to upgrade their last-generation ElectraStim unit with a new, rechargeable model. Smaller and thinner than the classic EM32 models, ElectraStim Flick offers you 7... ElectraStim EM60-E, a stimulation kit...

  • CHF 99.90
    CHF 99.90

    Sirius Electrastim, a prostate massager that enables massage of the prostate with electrostimulation for explosive orgasms! Sirius is a prostate stimulator with a quad-polar design to facilitate prostate massage. With teh prostata massager Sirius you will be able to stimulate simultaneously the inside of your anus through four areas with dual channel. By... Sirius Electrastim, a prostate...

  • CHF 67.95
    CHF 67.95

    5 metal rings E-Stim to intensify your orgasms like never before ! With this set of E-Stim rings, you will be able to improve the intensity or your orgasms and maximise your pleasure. With the set ElectraRings, you can wear these uni-polar cock rings anywhere along your penis. Connected to the ElectraStim Flick station sold separately, you will fell... 5 metal rings E-Stim to intensify...

  • CHF 78.95
    CHF 78.95

    Lula ElectraStim, E-Stim Geisha balls for intense and hyper stimulating Kegel exercises... With the E-Stim Lula Balls you will discover a beautiful mix of pleasure, efficiency and practicality. The Geisha Balls Lula is a very sensual G-spot stimulator that will help you to quickly improve your pelvic floor tone. Featuring a free-roaming weight in the... Lula ElectraStim, E-Stim Geisha balls...

  • CHF 129.90
    CHF 129.90

    ElectraPaddle, the first paddle sadomasochistic with electrostimulation function for intense BDSM sessions . Once this E-Stim paddle is connected to an electrostimulator ElectraStim (sold separately), you will be able to bring much more sensations and magic into your bedroom bondage games. This bi-polar paddle is beautifully crafted from a very smooth... ElectraPaddle, the first paddle...

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
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