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  • CHF 26.90
    CHF 26.90

    Mister B FIST HOT: a hybrid lubricating jelly with high gliding power for extreme penetrations! Mister B FIST HOT has created for you a lubricating silicone based jelly specially dedicated for extreme penetrations as for example with XXL dildo, anal penetration or even for the practice of fisting. You will appreciate this lubricating gel for its strong... Mister B FIST HOT: a hybrid...

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    CHF 229.90
    CHF 229.90

    BDSM leather Shaggy Dog Hood : Do you like fetish role plays or being humiliate by your Master? This dog mask is exactly the accessory you need! Shaggy Dog Hood is a BDSM hood or rather a dog head mask that will allow you to perform your animal role playing games during your SM sessions. Transform yourself into a real submissive dog! BDSM or fetish game... BDSM leather Shaggy Dog Hood : Do you...

  • CHF 39.90
    CHF 39.90

    Datex BDSM Hood: the ultimate accessory to deprive your partner of his senses during your submission games ... Here is a BDSM hood designed in Datex. Datex is a double-layered material consisting of an extensible polyester backing layer and a 100% chlorinated natural latex top layer. this material looks like rubber but can be sewn and is not as fragile as... Datex BDSM Hood: the ultimate...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
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