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  • CHF 179.90
    CHF 179.90

    "The Wand Rabbit": a vibrator Rabbit type associated with the famous Wand stimulator (magic wand) for ever more intense sensations ... The Rabbit Company's "Wand Rabbit" is a true orgasm donor. Indeed, it brings together the two most successful and best-selling vibrator types, namely the Wand massagers and the Rabbit vibrators. The "Wand" part of the... "The Wand Rabbit": a vibrator Rabbit...

  • CHF 169.90
    CHF 169.90

    "The Realistic Rabbit": a semi-realistic Rabbit vibrator for unprecedented simultaneous stimulation of your G-spot and clitoris ... The Rabbit Company's "Realistic Rabbit" is a real technological marvel designed specifically to provide you incredible and enjoyable stimulations exactly where you need it. Indeed, its realistic shape will precisely target... "The Realistic Rabbit": a...

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