FIST Extreme - Relaxing silicone Lube 200ml

Fist Powder 65 gr View larger
Fist Powder 65 gr

FIST Extreme, a relaxing anal lubricant for intense penetrations ...

Mister B FIST Extreme is a lubricating cream specially formulated for extreme penetrations such as fist fucking or intense anal penetration.

This lubricant has a relaxing and slightly refreshing numbing effect to avoid painful penetration.

The FIST Extreme lubricant is compatible with condoms or latex gloves.

It leaves the skin soft and silky, it does not stick and is not viscous. Non-toxic, tasteless, odorless and hypo allergenic.

Gliding effect of very long duration assured. This lubricant is specially recommended for extreme sex.

Content: 200ml

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