Warm Anal lubricant 250ml - Male

Warm Anal lubricant 250ml - Male View larger
Warm Anal lubricant 250ml - Male

Male Anal Warm: an anal gel with heating effect to intensify the pleasure in sodomy or anal play.

This water-based warm gel from the Cobeco laboratories has been specially designed for anal intercourse.

Male Warm is a lubricant that will provide you a pleasant feeling of warmth right after its application.

You can also use this gel for sexual massages directly on the body or sex of your partner.

This intimate lubricant has a moisturizing effect that will offer you even more comfort during sexual activities by filling the natural moisture of the body, which makes them even more intense intimacy to both partners.

This lubricant can also be used in combination with latex condoms or all types of toys.

In addition, a pump system will help facilitate dosing and avoid drops.

Do not stick, does not stain and odor.

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