Jack Boot Paddle

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Jack Boot Paddle

Jack Boot Paddle: for those who like to get a good slap on the ass !

For sadomasos who appreciate to associate pain and pleasure, the Jack Boot Paddle is exactly the accessory you need !

Lay your subject on your laps, on a table or on the bed to inflict ihm or her a good spanking session.

This robust paddle has been made with high quality materials. It consists of a plank of pine and oak wood covered with a real rubber boot sole that will always leave a strong impression.

The paddle was perfectly designed to offer you a perfect control of your movements. The handle is covered with faux leather and with a wrist strap to ensure you a firm grip.

Take it easy with a simple flick for some redness on the buttocks or go harder to let your footsteps!

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Total length 38cm
Poids260 gr.
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