Deluxe Door Cuffs - Pipedream

Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing - Pipedream View larger
Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing - Pipedream

Deluxe Door Cuffs: transform any door into a bondage playground with this attachment kit for door!

You simply have to pass two metal pipes over an open door to close and lock it and your subject will be perfectly captured between the door and its frame.

Once the door is closed, the robust metal tubes are securely held in place without damaging it. The handcuffs are firmly fixed on thick nylon straps connected to metal staples and ensure that your subject does not escape.

This suspension handcuffs are made in resistant leather and are easy to adjust. They are suitable for almost any wrist. They can also be used for suspension allowing your subject to hang on the door by the wrists without having the blood flow restricted.

Explore new positions and new scenarios that you never could consider before with your partner.

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