Collar With Cuffs & Leash - Pipedream

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Collar With Cuffs & Leash - Pipedream

Cuffs & Collar With Leash: Take full control of your partner with this playful collar associated with a leash and a pair of handcuffs ...

If you like games of submission, domination or even humiliation, this set BDSM collar, leash and handcuffs is for you.

Turn your partner into a pet and teach him to obey you !

With this set, you have an easily adjustable collar on which are attached the Velcro handcuffs that limit the movement of your subject.

The leash will then allow you to walk your pet wherever you want!

To get more from this set of submission, you can also use other BDSM accessories simultaneously as a pony Tail, a gag, a whip etc ...

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