HOT Delay Spray 50ml

HOT Delay Spray 50ml View larger
HOT Delay Spray 50ml

HOT Delay Spray: a delaying spray with cooling effect to desensitize the penis and prolong the pleasure ...

HOT Delay Spray will allow you to delay your ejaculation thanks to its exclusive formula with cooling and slightly anesthetic effect.

Two to three sprays reduce the sensitivity of the glans and the penis. Therefore, you can keep control of your ejaculation and prolong the pleasure with your partner.

HOT Delay Spray is formulated with natural ingredients. It significantly reduces the sensitivity of your penis and the glans without causing side effects.

Use: 2-3 vaporization directly on the penis a few minutes before sexual intercourse. Rinse the penis after application to not put the product in contact with your partner.

Content: 50ml

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