Power J Gym - jelqing exercise device

Power J Gym - jelqing exercise device View larger
Power J Gym - jelqing exercise device

Power J Gym : a device to practice Jelqing exercices and to enlarge your penis naturally and effectively!

The jelqing consist of a way to perform a series of exercises with hands movement on the penis to enlarge it.

This method is considered natural because it enlarge your penis by increasing blood flow in the cavernosum corpus and by distributing the same pressure over the entire length of the penis to the base of the glans.

The penile tissues tissues are stretched and you will get a bigger penis larger and stronger with better erections.

The Power J Gym is a new jelq device used to increase penis size. It was designed to use the same principle of Jelq technique.

The advantage of the Power J Gym is that with its technology it helps eliminate the difficulties of manual exercises by providing more power to your jelqing exercises and you thus guaranteed better and faster results.

With the Power J Gym you will get amazing results already visible after a few days.

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Why should you buy the Power J Gym?
The main disadvantage of manual jelqing exercises is that you pull the skin of your penis insted of the internal tissues. Power J Gym rollers focus on the cavernous tissue of your penis and the skin is never stretched more than necessary.

The work is much more efficient and the results will be faster. Another disadvantage of manual jelqing is the risk of skin irritation and the need to use other creams or lubricants.

How to Use the Power J Gym device?
The use of this Jelqing accessory is very simple. Simply place your penis between the two rollers (faced against stomach) and start stretching your sex starting from your navel to the base of the glans.

The spongy body of your penis will grow by practicing exercises 15 to 30 minutes a day. You will quickly get better erections, a more impressive diameter and a longer penis.

You can practice this exercise daily, but if you feel any pain, you should stop for a few days.

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