Sportfucker Locker Room 32cm - silicon Douche nozzle

Sportfucker Locker Room - silicon Douche nozzle View larger
Sportfucker Locker Room - silicon Douche nozzle

Sportfucker Locker Room: a silicone shower cannula for smooth and deep enemas...

Sportfucker Locker Room is a silicone shower nozzle specifically designed for anal enemas.

Made from Pure Platinum silicone, this ultra soft and very flexible cannula shower will penetrate gently into your anus and will perfectly follow the curves of your anatomy for a thorough clean.

Sportfucker Locker Room Hose is the ultimate accessory for all lovers of anal pleasure. Ideal before and after the practice of sodomy or simply for your BDSM sessions.

This tip can be easily be screwed onto any standard shower hoses.

Sportfucker Locker is compatible with all lubricants. Available in 4 sizes.

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MaterialMedical grade silicone
External diameter2 cm sexshop en ligne