Latex Fetish Silicone Lubricant - Gun Oil

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Latex Fetish Silicone Lubricant - Gun Oil

GUN OIL FETISH: a silicone based lubricant for lovers of latex!

The new Fetish Gun Oil lubricant has specially been developed for all fans of latex but not only ...

This high-quality lubricant is made with a proprietary 3-molecule silicone blend that gives it an even thicker and durable textured, in particular for latex and fetishwear.

Lubricant Gun Oil Fetish greatly facilitate threading your latex clothing. You can also use it as conditioner.

The Gun Oil Fetish gel will give a bright and exciting look to all your outfits in latex.

Although mainly used for latex fetishists, Fetish Gun Oil is a lubricant that you can apply during sex or to practice erotic massage.

Caution, do not use with sex toys n condoms.

Content: 120ml

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