Gun Oil Jack Jelly - masturbation cream 100 ml

Gun Oil Jack Jelly - masturbation cream 100 ml View larger
Gun Oil Jack Jelly - masturbation cream 100 ml

GUN OIL JACK JELLY: a gel that will give your penis even more intense sensations during masturbation ...

GUN OIL has designed the Masturbation Gel by excellence ! Jack Jelly is intended to provide you even more pleasure and excitement during your masturbation sessions.

Simply apply the gel Jack Jelly around your penis and start masturbating. You will quickly realize that you won't be able to do without this gel anymore as the sensations are pleasant ...

This masturbation gel is perfect for sudden urges. Thanks to its unique formula designed to improve the sensations of pleasure, its texture and viscosity will make you cum in no time.

The masturbation gel GUN OIL JACK JELLY is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to reduce the risk of skin irritation as well as to soften it.

Warning: This lubricant is not compatible with condoms.

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