Wartenberg E-Stim Pinwheel - Pipedream

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Wartenberg E-Stim Pinwheel - Pipedream

Shock Therapy Electro Pinwheel : an E-Stim Wartenberg Pinwheel to explore your partner's body during your BDSM sessions ...

The Wartenberg Pinwheel was originally a medical accessory used to diagnose certain disorders of sensibility.

Today the WartenbergPinwheel is a must SM accessories. With a function of electrostimulation, you'll be able to use this device on all parts of your partner's body to cause incredibly pleasant tingling sensations.

Perfect for beginners and those who want to discover sexual electrostimulation, this Pinwheel will send small shocks of pleasure wherever you will place it ...

You can adjust the power and intensity of electrical impulses through the control unit which can also be used independently of the SM roulette as an E-Stim massage device for the erogenous zones.

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To use the controller as a hand massager, switch to "IN" mode. The central oval button then deliver pulses once your palm touches any other metal part.

To use the power unit with the probe, switch to "OUT" and connect it to the probe with the cord.

In order to enjoy new sensations, we also suggest the use of other accessories BDSM such as rope for bondage, handcuffs, fastening systems and an eye mask.

It is recommended to clean your sex toy with antibacterial lotion as our sex toy cleaner before and after use. This is to prevent fungal or other infections.

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