Auto Vac Nipple Pumps - Pipedream

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Auto Vac Nipple Pumps - Pipedream

Auto-VAC Nipple Pumps: a vacuum pump to increase the size and the sensitivity of your nipples!

Auto-VAC nipples Pumps from the Fetish Fantasy Extreme collection is a must-BDSM accessory for all those who wish to increase the sensitivity of their nipples.

This nipple pump produces an instantaneous and automatic suction. Simply place the suction cups on your nipples and press the button!

Once the desired vacuum level is reached, press the ON/OFF button to stop the intake and maintain the desired suction.

To fully isolate the effect of vacuum and remove the suction cups, simply press the OFF button.

A perfect accessory for BDSM sessions, your nipples will become huge and very sensitive to all stimuli.

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MaterialABS plastic (without phthalates) sexshop en ligne