IntimRelax - Treatment against Vaginal atrophy

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IntimRelax - Treatment against Vaginal atrophy

INTIMRELAX: an effective and natural treatment against vaginal atrophy ...

IntimRelax from the Femintimate brand is a kit to fight against vaginal atrophy. This set consists of three dilators that will allow you to practice exercises and to gradually dilate the vaginal canal.

These vaginal dilators are perfectly designed with ergonomic shapes and sizes in order to fight effectively against this reflex contraction, involuntary and uncontrollable therefore the muscles around the vagina and thus solve the problem of vaginal atrophy.

This treatment is to "tame the vagina" and stop these harmful effects on sexuality and emotional health in general.

INTIMRELAX must always be used with a water-based lubricant to facilitate the exercises while lubricating and moisturizing the vaginal mucous membranes.

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INTIMRELAX is a kit that will allow you to exercise and gradually expand your vaginal canal. Through these little exercises you can also gradually overcome the derivatives symptoms of atrophic vaginitis.

How to use INTIMRELAX:
- Apply a small amount of water-based lubricant to the entrance of your vagina.
- First insert the smallest INTIMRELAX.
(If you experience a feeling of dryness, do not hesitate to increase the dose of lubricant.)
- Do this for about ten minutes with small movements back and forth.
- Perform this exercise every day.
- Once the small INTIMRELAX be mastered and no longer cause any discomfort, continue the exercise with the larger model.

Intimrelax - Femintimate

100% natural
S Size: diameter 0.9 cm - 6.5 cm length
M Size: diameter 1.5 cm - 9.5 cm length
L Size: diameter 2.5 cm - 12 cm length

We recommend using a water-based lubricant during each use to facilitate penetration and prevent possible irritation of the mucous membranes.

It is advisable to clean your sex toy with an anti bacterial lotion as our sex toy cleaner before and after use. This is to prevent fungal infections or other infections.

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