Kamasutra - Oil of Love - Raspberry

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Kamasutra - Oil of Love - Raspberry

Oil of Love Kamasutra: 100% edible oils intended for oral sex and foreplay

Ideal as a complement to your preliminary, simply apply a few drops of Oil of Love on the erogenous zones you want to stimulate and gently blow on it to release its warming effect.

These oils can also be used for the practice of cunnilingus or for oral sex.

Their taste is slightly sweet and varies depending on the chosen aroma.

These aromatic oils are perfect to put a little crazyness during your foreplay. They awaken the senses of your partner while allowing you to lick his or her body.

For even more pleasure, JouJou.ch recommend using an eye mask and a fastening kit.

Attention external use only.

Content: 100ML

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Oils of love Kamasutra are available in several flavors. These oils are for external use, for oral sex or oral caresses.

Do not use Oil of Love as a lubricant or as a massage oil. They are slightly sweet and have a slight warming effect when you blow on it.

Use: Gently massage your partner with a little of Oil of Love on the erogenous zone, blow gently on it to create a feeling of warmth and you can finish with tender loving kisses.

Flavors available:
- Oil of Love Coconut Pineapple ref: CDPL00935
- Oil of Love Tropical Mango ref: CDPL00936
- Oil of Love Strawberry Dreams ref: CDPL00937
- Oil of Love Raspberry ref: CDPL03191
- Oil of Love Vanilla cream ref: CDPL03192
- Oil of Love Original ref: CDPL03193
- Oil of Love Sugared Berry ref: CDPL03194
- Oil of Love Passionate Peach ref: CDPL03195

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