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  • CHF 22.90
    CHF 22.90

    Nipple clamps Spartacus with bell-type tweezersThese Spartacus Tweezer nipple clamps are rather considered like BDSM jewelry breasts. They are decorated with small bells that will ring to the rhythm of your movement. To adjust the pressure on the nipples, simply drag on the shaft the little metal ring. The end clamps is silicone-coated for comfort during... Nipple clamps Spartacus with...

  • CHF 24.90
    CHF 24.90

    Nipple clamps with chain - Spartacus Broad TipThose nipple clamps from the Spartacus brand are among the best accessories for all BDSM sessions lovers. They are designed for women that have larger nipples than average. Indeed, the ends of the clips are a little wider and have a silicone mouthpiece to add more comfort during use. Made from superior quality... Nipple clamps with chain - Spartacus...

  • CHF 15.90
    CHF 15.90

    Spartacus Penis Ring : a set of 3 extensible cockrings to maintain a strong erection! The Spartacus penis rings are available in pack of 3. The cockring slips with lubricant at the base of the penis. This one must tighten in order to maintain the flow of blood in the penis, thus guaranteeing you a very hard erection and revealing the veins along the... Spartacus Penis Ring : a set of 3...

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