Bois Bandé (Muirapuama) Strong 100ml

Bois Bandé (Muirapuama) Strong 100ml View larger
Bois Bandé (Muirapuama) Strong 100ml

Bois Bandé Muira Puama : a 100% natural aphrodisiac whose effectiveness is recognized worldwide !

The Bois Bandé is an ancient sexual stimulant from the West Indies.

Made from a tree that grows in the Caribbean, which like the bark of African Yohimbe has vasodilating properties.

The blood flow in the dilated vessels of the penis is improved and the erection is intensified as well as prolonged.

But the Bois Bandé is not an aphrodisiac exclusively reserved for men. Women also commonly use it to intensify their libido by causing intense outbreaks of desire.

For good results, we recommend a cure of 20 days.

Use: Shake well before use. Take 1 to 2 teaspoons to mix in the drink of your choice. Ideally to be taken 2 hours before the act or in cure of 20 days.

Content: 100ML

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You do not have to wait days, weeks, or months to see results, just 2-5 hours. Bois Bande has a wide range of benefits that you will experience as you use it. We also warn users that the product really works, and large doses may lead to uncomfortable and long lasting erections. Remember, start with a small dose, and experment to find the dose that suits you. sexshop en ligne