Sweet Fruity Cum - Change the taste of cum (30caps)

Sweet Fruity Cum - Change the taste of cum 30caps View larger
Sweet Fruity Cum - Change the taste of cum 30caps

Sweet Fruity Cum: to improve and change the taste of sperm !

A woman who swallows sperm often does it to please her partner.

Sweet Fruity Cum is an 100% natural dietary supplement composed of plant extracts that acts directly on the taste of your cum.

It helps to reduce the acidity of the sperm and give it a slightly sweet and pleasant taste with fruit flavors.

Sweet Fruity Cum is an ideal product for those who love blowjobs and who enjoy seeing their partner swallow.

This kind of supplement is regularly used by the movie X actresses in scenes highlighting blowjobs.

Use (for men): To improve the taste of your sperm, take one capsule a day with a glass of water or fruit juice. For optimal effect, we recommend that you make a minimum cure of 30 days without interruption. Your sperm should already change taste after a few days.

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Ingredients for 1 capsule: 110 mg Royal Jelly, Punica granatum 88.64 mg, 80 mg Maltodextrin, Cinnamum Cassia 31.36 mg, Pineapple, Kiwi, Bee Pollen.

Compliant with European regulations on nutrition and health.

Contents: 30 capsules

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