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  • CHF 18.90
    CHF 18.90

    Pjur Man XTEND Cream: a cream that promotes erections and improves blood flow in the penis ... Pjur Man XTEND Cream is a skin care cream specially designed for men who want to improve their sexual performances. Enriched with extracts of ginkgo and ginseng, this cream takes care of men's skin and especially the penis. Regular use improves the blood... Pjur Man XTEND Cream: a cream that...

  • CHF 19.90
    CHF 19.90

    Viamax - Warm CreamThis orgasmic cream has a warming effect. It will increase blood flow and sensitivity in the female genitals parts. You will feel a slightly delicious warming and tingling sensations. Recommended for: Women who want to feel more sensations and that want to facilitate more powerful orgasms.Use: Just before sexual activity.Contents: 15ML Viamax - Warm CreamThis orgasmic...

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