Viamax AB was founded in 2001. It is an innovative Swedish company, operating in the health and well-being sector. Their focus is to develop natural health products in the fields of sexual health, desire and beauty. They combine natural herbs, tried and trusted for thousands of years, to create a new, modern range of dietary supplements and gels with no synthetic additives.
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  • CHF 19.90
    CHF 19.90

    Pjur Man XTEND Cream: a cream that promotes erections and improves blood flow in the penis ... Pjur Man XTEND Cream is a skin care cream specially designed for men who want to improve their sexual performances. Enriched with extracts of ginkgo and ginseng, this cream takes care of men's skin and especially the penis. Regular use improves the blood... Pjur Man XTEND Cream: a cream that...

  • CHF 15.90
    CHF 15.90

    Viamax - Warm CreamThis orgasmic cream has a warming effect. It will increase blood flow and sensitivity in the female genitals parts. You will feel a slightly delicious warming and tingling sensations. Recommended for: Women who want to feel more sensations and that want to facilitate more powerful orgasms.Use: Just before sexual activity.Contents: 15ML Viamax - Warm CreamThis orgasmic...

  • CHF 39.90
    CHF 39.90

    Viamax Volumizer, pills that promotes sperm production for abundant ejaculations! Viamax Volumizer pills are composed of 100% natural ingredients. With treatment of 2 capsules daily for about two weeks, you will be able to improve your sexual performance with stronger and longer erections and especially with a better sperm production. Viamax Volumizer... Viamax Volumizer, pills that promotes...

  • CHF 44.90
    CHF 44.90

    Viamax Maximizer Plus, a male sexual stimulant for strong erections! Viamax Maximizer Plus is an effective and 100% natural food supplement that will help you get erections much stronger and inmmany quantity. Viamax Maximizer Plus is formulated with an exclusive selection of ingredients that improve blood flow into your penis when you are stimulated.... Viamax Maximizer Plus, a male sexual...

  • CHF 29.90
    CHF 29.90

    Viamax SensitiveViaMax Sensitive gel is applied directly in the genital area and increases sexual the excitation remarkably feminine. The regular use extraordinarily improves the sexual impulse and the sexual relations, the frequency of orgasmo and the sensitivity of clítoris to the stimulation.Contents: 50ML Viamax SensitiveViaMax Sensitive gel...

  • CHF 29.90
    CHF 29.90

    Viamax Tight GelViamax Tight Gel is a gel developed to tighten the vaginal walls so that both partners can feel better the sensation of penetration.Especially after childbirth where the vaginal muscles are relaxed. Apply 10 to 15 minutes before the act. Regular use intensifies the effect.Contents: 50ML Viamax Tight GelViamax Tight Gel is a...

  • CHF 34.90
    CHF 34.90

    Viamax MaximumIntimate gel of fast effect. It can help to increase to the benefits and the masculine resistance. To improve the quality of erections and to increase the physical pleasure with this topical cream. It contains a powerful combination of aphrodisiac grass. It increases capacity of the operation.Contents: 50ML Viamax MaximumIntimate gel of fast...

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