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SWISS NAVY is a brand of intimate lubricant known for their high power slides. These lubes are made ​​from the finest ingredients to offer you the highest quality. The stylish bottles can remain on the nightstand. They come with a handy pump for easy application using one hand.
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  • CHF 39.90
    CHF 39.90

    Swiss Navy MaxSize : a cream for solid erections and for an impressive penis! SWISS NAVY Max Size is an erection cream made from a unique ingredient called "Butea Superba" that promotes blood flow on the penis surface to provide you better erections and a bigger penis. This cream is regularly used by Porn actors before each shoot to make their penis... Swiss Navy MaxSize : a cream for...

  • CHF 29.90
    CHF 29.90

    Lubrifiant FuckpowderThe lubricant Fuckpowder from FP Company is revolutionary. Made in France, this is the most innovative and slippery sexual experience you will have. This Gel-Splash is to prepare yourself . 100% natural, you can then lick or eat it on your partner. Perfect use for Fuck, Fist, Lick, Scrubs, Splash, Massage, Wanking, Toys, Electro ...... Lubrifiant FuckpowderThe lubricant...

  • CHF 27.90
    CHF 27.90

    Fist PowderFISTPOWDER, the most natural, safest, most slippery, and long lasting lubricant you can play with! As its name suggests, its exceptional sliding power is long and strong and it is particularly suitable for the practice of Fist Fucking.Fistpowder do not stick and is very easy to rinse. 100% compatible with condoms, latex gloves and... Fist PowderFISTPOWDER, the most...

  • CHF 28.90
    CHF 28.90

    Swiss Navy Premium Anal LubeThe Swiss Navy Premium lubricant is specifically designed for anal penetration. Its non absorbent formula was developed from high quality silicone, giving it an extremely durable sliding power. Suitable for both men and women, this intimate lubricant is no doubt what he does best on the market.Content: 118 ml Swiss Navy Premium Anal LubeThe Swiss...

  • CHF 26.90
    CHF 26.90

    SWISS NAVY SENSUAL Arousal: a stimulating lubricant to intensify the pleasure of women and men during sex ... Swiss Navy has developed for you a special lubricant that has the ability to stimulate and intensified the feelings of women and men during sexual intercourse. Swiss Navy Sensual Arousal is made from a unique water based formula that is perfect... SWISS NAVY SENSUAL Arousal: a...

  • CHF 16.90
    CHF 16.90

    Swiss Navy Water Based Lube The water-based lubricant SWISS NAVY is recognized as one of the best water-based lubricant. Its formula makes it unique and gives it a great power slides long term. It is highly appreciated for its viscosity which approaches the fluid secreted by the human being. The ergonomics of the bottle makes it very easy to use with one... Swiss Navy Water Based Lube The...

  • CHF 16.90
    CHF 16.90

    Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner: an antibacterial lotion to take care of your sex toys ... If you are wondering how to maintain a sex toy, here is the answer. The use of unclean sex toy is like having unprotected sexual intercourse ! Without proper cleaning, a sex toy can become a breeding ground for a variety of bacteria or viruses that you do not... Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner: an...

  • CHF 24.90
    CHF 24.90

    Swiss Navy Silicone Based LubeThe lubricant silicone SWISS NAVY is recognized as one of the best lubricant on the market. Its formula is made from the best silicone available Its excellent power long slide makes it very economical. It is highly appreciated for its viscosity which makes skin soft and silky.The ergonomics of the bottle makes it very easy to... Swiss Navy Silicone Based LubeThe...

  • CHF 19.90
    CHF 19.90

    Premium Masturbation Cream: a cream that boosts feelings for solo or couples pleasure... This new cream from the Swiss Navy brand is as the name suggests, especially made for the pleasures of masturbation. Even more silky and smooth thanks to its formula with silicone grease base, the Premium Swiss Navy cream will provide you really more intense sexual... Premium Masturbation Cream: a cream...

  • CHF 25.90
    CHF 25.90

    Grease for anal penetration - Swiss NavySwiss Navy Grease is specially designed for anal penetration. In terms of texture, it looks a bit like the vaseline. It is extremely smooth and without unpleasant odor. Many porn stars have adopted the Swiss Navy Grease for sodomy scenes. This is a premium anal lubricant and high quality with an extremely powerful... Grease for anal penetration - Swiss...

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