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  • CHF 109.90 CHF 129.90
    CHF 109.90 CHF 129.90

    Jive de We-Vibe: A vibrating connected egg via bluetooth, discreet, quiet and very comfortable to wear. Control Jive with the free We-Connect app for endless hands-free pleasure ! Thanks to this brand new vibrating egg Jvibe from the brand "We-Vibe", you will be able to share moments of intense pleasure with your partner. No matter whether you are in the... Jive de We-Vibe: A vibrating...

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  • CHF 159.90 CHF 189.90
    CHF 159.90 CHF 189.90

    Vibrator We-Vibe Sync: a connected sex toy for couples that fit perfectly the contours of your body for even more pleasure and comfort ! We Vibe Sync is the latest Evolution of the best selling vibrator for couples in the world. This latest version has indeed higly been improved, its modular design will allow it to perfectly fit the contours of the female... Vibrator We-Vibe Sync: a connected...

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  • CHF 98.90 CHF 119.90
    CHF 98.90 CHF 119.90

    We-Vibe vibrator WISH: a sexy toy very soft and very ergonomic for incomparable massages of your erogenous zones or those of your partner ... The new vibrator We-Vibe WISH is a sex toy that will allow you to stimulate your erogenous zones in an intense way. Its ergonomic design allows it to be placed perfectly in the hollow of your hand for a perfect... We-Vibe vibrator WISH: a sexy toy...

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  • CHF 129.90
    CHF 129.90

    Bloom by We-Vibe ™: vibrating Kegel balls with progressive weights that you can control via your Smartphone ... With the connected Geisha balls Bloom of the brand WE-VIBE, you will be able to discover a nice new way to do your Kegel exercises. The Kegel Bloom balls comes with 3 progressive weights for toning your pelvic muscles and also exciting... Bloom by We-Vibe ™: vibrating Kegel...

  • CHF 109.90
    CHF 109.90

    We-Vibe Ditto: Rediscover the pleasure of anal sex with your partner using this incredible connected butt plug ! We-Vibe's Ditto is a couple anal plugthat will add new stimulation during your intimate games, masturbation, preliminaries and sexual intercourse. Indeed, Ditto by We-Vibe is a premium vibrating anal plug specially designed for couples who... We-Vibe Ditto: Rediscover the...

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