Hybrid Lubricating Jelly FIST HOT - Mister B

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Hybrid Lubricating Jelly FIST HOT - Mister B

Mister B FIST HOT: a hybrid lubricating jelly with high gliding power for extreme penetrations!

Mister B FIST HOT has created for you a lubricating silicone based jelly specially dedicated for extreme penetrations as for example with XXL dildo, anal penetration or even for the practice of fisting.

You will appreciate this lubricating gel for its strong gliding power but also for its softness that will leave your skin silky.

This HOT version has a warming and tintillating effect, even further enhancing your sexual pleasure. 

Mister B HOT lubricating gel does not stick, it lasts long and has neither taste nor odor.

100% hypoallergenic, oil and grease free. Not tested on animals and contains no animal by-products. Compatible with condoms.

Mister B Fist HOT, undoubtedly one of the best lubricating gels available on the market!

Contents: 500ml

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Mister B

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