Screaming O

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  • CHF 54.90
    CHF 54.90

    Vibromasseur The Screaming O - OgeeFlexible, Bendable and twistable, this vibrator twists into any shape to give you all the thrills you want! The contoured and textured design gives you maximum spot-on stimulation to where you need it most and more importantly can be worn during Sex!!Material: latex / silicone without phthalatesLength: 18 cmDiameter: Ø... Vibromasseur The Screaming O -...

  • CHF 29.90
    CHF 29.90

    BOB, a vibrator very fun that will quickly become your best friend! OBOB is a very fun Wand vibrator that comes tou you in the shape of a little friendly red man all red. OBOB is ready to satisfy everyone of your desire with its 3 modes of powerful vibrations. Its highly flexible head is covered with ultra soft silicone and will let you stimulate your... BOB, a vibrator very fun that will...

  • CHF 19.90
    CHF 19.90

    Double vibrating penis ring - Ohare Screaming OThis double vibrating cock ring from Screaming O will allow you to have a much harder erection and also to delay your ejaculation.All this by stimulating the clitoris of your partner to each back-and-forth during sexual intercourse due to the small vibrating rabbit ears. This ring is placed around your penis... Double vibrating penis ring - Ohare...

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