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  • CHF 49.90
    CHF 49.90

    Guybrator vibrating penis sheath: thanks to its Treble and Bass technology here is the first Guybrator which allows you to choose infinitely the strength and frequency of the vibrations, for an intense and hands free orgasm !! JETT is a male vibrator with the latest patented technology from Hot Octopuss with treble and bass. Let the JETT vibrator take you... Guybrator vibrating penis sheath:...

  • CHF 109.90 CHF 139.90
    CHF 109.90 CHF 139.90

    Hot Octopulse III Duo: an oscillating masturbator for incredible pleasurable sensations ! Pulse 3 is the latest masturbator for men made by the brand "Hot Octopulse". This one is now 25% more powerful than its predecessor for always more pleasure! An additional advantage of the design of the incredible male masturbator PULSE is that the man does not need... Hot Octopulse III Duo: an oscillating...

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  • CHF 49.90 CHF 59.90
    CHF 49.90 CHF 59.90

    AMO by Hot Octopuss: a very powerful mini clitoral vibrator with curves specially designed to give you maximum pleasure! AMO is a mini vibrator that combines a powerful motor with a design incorporating carefully placed contours and curves to give you maximum stimulation and pleasure. It's hard to believe that such a small sextoy can pack such a powerful... AMO by Hot Octopuss: a very powerful...

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  • CHF 69.90
    CHF 69.90

    Pocket PULSE by Hot Octopuss: a new generation of mastrurbator that will give you incredibly powerful and deep vibrations for an incomparable pleasure! Introducing Pocket PULSE, a powerful Guybrator, now available as a lightweight version of the popular Hot Octopuss Pulse III Masturbator. Indeed, this incredible "Pocket PULSE" male masturbator uses two... Pocket PULSE by Hot Octopuss: a new...

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