Urinating tube for women - Urinelle 7x

Urinating tube for women - Urinelle 7x View larger
Urinating tube for women - Urinelle 7x

Urinelle: a revolutionary intimate accessory for all women who wish to pee standing up!

Using public toilets is often a disadvantage for women. Whether on a motorway, on a boat, in a train, in a café or in a festival.

The Urinelle tube is the solution to all these unpleasant problems related to public toilets. Indeed, Urinelle is designed as a small funnel made of 100% biodegradable cardboard. It allows women to relieve themselves simply, safely and above all in a hygienic way while standing.

Suitable for women of all ages who prefer to avoid contact with public toilet seats.

Very convenient for all those who are regularly on the road to be able to relieve you in the nature when you do not have a toilet nearby while keeping the standing position as the men do.

7 single-use devices

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