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  • CHF 12.90
    CHF 12.90

    Sensuva - Nip Zip - stimulating balm ice cube effectFor those who like to play with ice cubes during foreplay, here Nip Zip. This is a kind of balm to apply to the erogenous zones.Especially on the nipples. Just apply a bit of Nip Zip on your nipples and a cooling effect is being felt after 1-2 minutes. Just like if you have fun with ice without the... Sensuva - Nip Zip - stimulating balm...

  • CHF 37.90
    CHF 37.90

    Sensuva - XO Kisses & Orgasms Pleasure KitThis pack is designed to enhance the oral pleasure of a quite incredible way. The lip balm strawberry flavored and contains pheromones, it will quickly provide a tingling on your lips or on the erogenous zones you kiss. The On - Oil is applied directly on the clitoris to intensify the sensation of tingling... Sensuva - XO Kisses & Orgasms...

  • CHF 23.90
    CHF 23.90

    Body Mist: a pheromone spray to develop your sex appeal! This spray enriched with pheromones Body Mist from the Sensuva brand will allow you to significantly improve your attractiveness. Specially created to enhance your self-confidence, you will be able to attract all the opposite sex through the olfactory attraction of this spray properties. The use... Body Mist: a pheromone spray to...

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