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SM handcuffs Shadow Locking - Sex & Mischief

Shadow Locking Cuffs from Sportsheets: a very elegant pair of SM handcuffs to force your partner to stay still...

Shadow Locking Cuffs is a simple and elegant restraint system that does not compromise durability.

This pair of handcuffs has locking closures consisting of D-Rings and padlocks. The pair of handcuffs comes with 2 keys and 2 padlocks.

For even more fun, you can attach a spacer bar to your handcuffs or simply attach them to a headboard for a fun BDSM game.

These handcuffs are adjustable and allow you to wear and remove them easily and safely.

The must-have accessory for 90% of couples! Handcuffs allow for submission games. Tie up or get tied up and surrender to your partner. It's up to you...

Dimensions : Length 25 cm - Width 6 cm

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