Cleaner - MediSeptic Antiinfektionsspray 250ML

Cleaner - MediSeptic Antiinfektionsspray 250ML View larger
Cleaner - MediSeptic Antiinfektionsspray 250ML

MediSeptic: an anti-bacterial lotion with a long-lasting effect for your hands, but also for your sextoys

MediSeptic is a lotion that repels viruses and bacteria with an effect of up to 2 hours and 99.999% protection.

This lotion gives you one of the safest protections against infectious diseases and germs of any lotion available today.

Protects outdoors: when grabbing bars on buses, subways and trains, on shopping carts, in toilets, at cash machines, etc...

- Long-term effect of 120 min
- Protection against bacteria and viruses (99.999%)
- Natural ingredients
- Gentle to the skin and alcohol-free

Active ingredient: benzalkonium chloride 0.1% Excipients: - H2O (water) - mineral salts - organic acids - organic salts - essential oils - cationic polymers

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