Monkey Spanker

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  • CHF 29.90
    CHF 29.90

    Monkey SpankerFirst there was the rabbit... for girls, then came the Duckie... also for girls, now there's the Monkey Spanker... for men! Monkey Spankers are really good fun and produce an intense and extremely satisfying orgasm in no time. Monkey Spanker is the perfect complement for your adult video collection and loads of fun if your partner lends a... Monkey SpankerFirst there was the...

  • CHF 59.90
    CHF 59.90

    Monkey Spanker DuoIntroducing the Monkey Spanker Duo: the most revolutionary and versatile sex toy on the planet.With it's slim profile, tight but gentle pad and powerful multi-speed vibrator there is not one sex act or position that the new Monkey Spanker Duo cannot enhance. We challenge you to find one. From hand job to blow job, full sex or foreplay;... Monkey Spanker DuoIntroducing the...

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