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  • CHF 17.90
    CHF 17.90

    This black satin mask YESforLOV is areal invitation to sensual games and preliminary ... This satin mask comes in the form of a blindfold, very chic and very elegant that can be used in several ways. Use it simply for blindfolding your partner or to tie him or her or otherwise it caan be used for sensual caresses on the whole body thanks to its softness... This black satin mask YESforLOV is...

  • CHF 29.90
    CHF 29.90

    YESforLOV - Titillating Massage OilThis premium massage oil made in France is simply perfect for erotic massage or for preliminary thanks to its relaxing effect and aphrodisiac scents that will awaken all your senses. Its formula is enriched with extracts of ginger, passion fruit, damiana, rosemary and sweet almond oil. The oil penetrates completely into... YESforLOV - Titillating Massage...

  • CHF 14.90
    CHF 14.90

    A kinky und funny game for couples to begin gently preliminary... Naughty Dice is a game featuring 2 dice. One is designating an action, and the other a part of the body. Faces of the dice 1: Neck, chest, sex, feet, buttocksFaces of the dice 2: Stroking, massaging, kissing, licking, nibblePerfect to give you preliminary ideas to have good romantic moments... A kinky und funny game for couples to...

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