Libido Power 10pc

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Libido Power 10pc

Libido Power
In our days, Libido Power is one of the best aphrodisiacs.

Its 100% natural formula is developed and based on extracts of aphrodisiac plants.

It improves blood flow in the genitals. Libido Power works as well on men than on women.

It works both on erection and on vaginal sensations, making the G-spot more sensitive. Libido Power is effective for a period of 5 hours.

Content: 10 caps.

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Libido Power is used by many actors and actresses in the porn industry. Libido Power will help men to have multiple erections and the women to have an orgasm more easily through the point G. Libido Power was elected to be the best natural herbal stimulant . Libido Power is also used before anal penetration thanks to its relaxing effect.

Take 1-2 pills one hour before sexual intercourse . It is recommended not to take Libido Power in an empty stomach. Do not repeat before 24:00 sexshop en ligne