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  • CHF 19.90
    CHF 19.90

    Lovers Premium massager, a massage accessory that vibrates and shines in the dark ... The massager device from the brand Lovers Premium is the ultimate accessory for all massage lovers. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it offers an excellent grip and allow you to practice massage on your partner without any effort. A small button on top will allow you to... Lovers Premium massager, a massage...

  • CHF 17.90
    CHF 17.90

    Body Octopus from Lovers Premium, a massage device with 8 pressure points for an ultimate relaxation ... The Body Octopus from the bran Lovers Premium is the ultimate accessory that will allow you to practice effective massage thanks to 8 different pressure points. Its ergonomic shape of small octopus offers an excellent grip. Simply vary the pressure for... Body Octopus from Lovers Premium, a...

  • CHF 12.90
    CHF 12.90

    Hot Heart MassagerThe Hot Heart Massager is incredible because it starts out as a cool liquid. But when you snap the disc, see how it changes? It can heat up to 129°F and becomes your own personal portable heat pack to stay warm wherever you go. It is also good for when you have cramps (put it near your lower abdomen); as well as if you have a stiff neck... Hot Heart MassagerThe Hot Heart...

  • CHF 16.90
    CHF 16.90

    Body Roller Lovers Premium: For moments of rest and relaxation, or for romantic preliminary ... With this massage accessory, you will be able to emjoy to massage your partner's body without any effort for minutes. This stylish device offers you excellent grip. It consists of a ball of Ø 5 cm diameter easily turn on itself and all that will relax your sore... Body Roller Lovers Premium: For...

  • CHF 19.90
    CHF 19.90

    Energy Massager, a vibrating massage accessory for divine moments of relaxation ... Energy massage is a vibrating device that will allow you to apply to your partner energizing massages thanks to its its three glitter balls. Indeed, they will allow you to reach your partner deep in his/her muscles to provide an immediate effect of relaxation and well... Energy Massager, a vibrating massage...

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