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  • CHF 17.90
    CHF 17.90

    SHOTS TOYS  Penis RingThis little bat is a cock ring. Made from a very soft silicone, this cockring is stretchy and adapts to almost all sizes of penis. Guaranteed without phthalates and condom compatible. Available in 2 version: butterfly and bat.Material: Silicone (without phthalates)Diameter: Ø 2.5 cm (expandable)Power supply: 2 L736 batteries (included) SHOTS TOYS  Penis RingThis little bat...

  • CHF 39.90
    CHF 39.90

    StingrayStingray is a new kind of sex toys for women. Its design might suggest some kind of marine animal. But, this vibrator is however extremely effective. It comes to be placed on the lips of the vagina. The tip of the vibrator come on the clitoris. All you have to do is to activate the vibrating multispeed bullet. The vibrator will then vibrate on the... StingrayStingray is a new kind of sex...

  • CHF 19.93
    CHF 19.93

    Beasty Toys CockringThis loony monkey swings you across the bedroom. With its luminous eyes, it always ensures the perfect erection, whenever you want. The ring is flexible and retains its shape, and is easy to attach and to keep clean. It also adapts to your body temperature extremely fast and provides clitoral stimulation.Material: Silicone (without... Beasty Toys CockringThis loony monkey...

  • CHF 39.90
    CHF 39.90

    Stinger III, a vibrating penis cage made of 100% silicone to increase and prolong the pleasure for both partners ... This cock cage from the Shots Toys brand is made of high quality elastic silicone and is very extensible. It easily adapts to mostly all penis sizes.This penile shaft is worn around the penis and testicles.It will ensure you a solid... Stinger III, a vibrating penis cage...

  • CHF 49.90
    CHF 49.90

    Vibrating egg 10 speed with wireless remote controlThis 10 speed vibrating egg delivers 10 speeds of constant, escalating and pulsating vibrations to provide you with the maximum amount of satisfaction. Having you and your partner have amounts of fun anywhere. Material: ABS plastic - VelvetLength: 8.4 cmDiameter: Ø 3.3 cmDimension of  the remote control:... Vibrating egg 10 speed with wireless...

  • CHF 25.90
    CHF 25.90

    The Black Devil CockringThe Devil Cockring is a very soft and stretchy cock ring of silicone provided with a mini vibrating bullet. The slidable system can tighten or loosen easily the base of the penis. This cockring maintain the blood flow in your penis, thus ensuring you a strong erection to last for long time. The small horns on the top,, will vibrate... The Black Devil CockringThe Devil...

  • CHF 29.90
    CHF 29.90

    Rabbit Silicone CockringThis cockring will help you to delay your ejaculation and maintain a strong erection that will lasts for a long time. Made from medical silicone and silky quality, this Rabbit Cockring is very comfortable to wear and thanks to its elasticity it can be adapted to any size of penis. A vibrating bullet is placed on top of the cockring... Rabbit Silicone CockringThis cockring...

  • CHF 27.90
    CHF 27.90

    An Anal chain made of silicone to intensify your orgasm in an incredible way ... This anal chain is a very functional sex toy of excellent quality. You can use it either only for anal pleasure but also to intensify your orgasms. Just insert the silicone beads one by one into your anus and slowly remove them at the point of orgasm. The pleasure and the... An Anal chain made of silicone to...

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