Massage candle (Orange blossom) - Maison Close

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Massage candle (Orange blossom) - Maison Close

This massage candle of the brand Maison Close is simply a treat.

Its delicate fragrance of orange blossom will immerse you in a Mediterranean ambience.

Vacation memories for sure or may be a desire to escape?

The presentation is very nice. A great value!

Massage candle. Light the candle and wait for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, create a warm, comfortable universe. Turn off the flame and let it cool for 30 seconds.

Check the temperature with your finger. Pour the liquid oil in the palm of your hand or body.

The pleasant feeling of warmth mixed with the sensuality of the fragrance enable you to live a unique moment. Burns about 45 hours. Flavors: orange blossom

Contents: 200ML

CHF 24.90 VAT. Incl.

Ref: CDPL00081

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