System JO - Pheromones Body Spray Women 5 ml

System JO - Pheromones Body Spray Women 5 ml View larger
System JO - Pheromones Body Spray Women 5 ml

System JO - PHR Body Spray
This new spray of the brand System Jo is a bit considered as the secret weapon to attract and bewitch the opposite sex.

The spray Jo Pheromone helps your body to release more natural pheromones and enhances your sex appeal! PHR Body Spray is completely odorless.

Just a quick spritz is enough to let the object of your desire come to your or why not before you go to bed if you feel your partner is not very motivated (e) for a crazy night.

Available in 2 versions: Men / Women
Contents: 5ML

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System JO

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Pheromones are considered as a chemical signal released by the body to attract a person from the opposite sex. JO Pheromone Body Spray has been developed to improve and enhance your natural pheromones through some pheromones added to our formula wich is safe and without hormones.

- For men for men interested in women
- For women: For women interested in men
- Increases sex appeal and makes you become irresistible
- Enhances the natural chemistry of your body
- Odorless and hormones
- Contains no by-products of animal origin sexshop en ligne