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  • CHF 79.90
    CHF 79.90

    Doppio is a massager with a design quite innovative and very ergonomic. You can use it on your own or with your partner. Its surface is very smooth like velvet. The vibrator Doppio has 3 silent and powerful engines. They are placed in each end and offers 7 different vibration modes that make this a unique sex toy. You can use it as a clitoral stimulator,... Doppio is a massager with a design...

  • CHF 39.90
    CHF 39.90

    Joyride, a versatile vibrating ring that stimulates both the man and woman in an incomparable way ! More than just a simple vibrating ring, Joyride is a multifunctional cockring with a very elegant design dedicated to stimulate the clitoris as well of Madame or the scrotum of Monsieur depending on which way it will be placed. Indeed, the vibrating part... Joyride, a versatile vibrating ring...

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