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  • CHF 49.90
    CHF 49.90

    Nalone Rock: a vibrator that is as compact as it is powerful, offering incomparable clitoral stimulation! Here is Nalone Rock, a very handy stick vibrator that will fit perfectly to your anatomy. Combining a chic design with a powerful motor, the vibrations emitted will guarantee you a stimulation of a rare intensity! This wand vibrator has a flexible... Nalone Rock: a vibrator that is as...

  • CHF 109.90
    CHF 109.90

    Nalone - Electro Wand VibratorNalone Magic Wand is not only an ultra-powerful vibrator but also a premium sexual electro stimulator. This sex toy is intended to massage the erogenous zones and more particularly for the clitoral stimulation. Nalone Wand has 2 powerful engines which are placed at each of its ends. The head of the vibrator is made of silicon... Nalone - Electro Wand VibratorNalone...

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