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  • CHF 119.90
    CHF 119.90

    Nalone - Electro Wand VibratorNalone Magic Wand is not only an ultra-powerful vibrator but also a premium sexual electro stimulator. This sex toy is intended to massage the erogenous zones and more particularly for the clitoral stimulation. Nalone Wand has 2 powerful engines which are placed at each of its ends. The head of the vibrator is made of silicon... Nalone - Electro Wand VibratorNalone...

  • CHF 69.90
    CHF 69.90

    Miu Miu Nalone, Geisha balls that combine to perfection vibrations and Kegel exercise ... The Kegel Exerciser Nalone is a new sex toy that offers an innovative way to work the muscles of your pelvic floor. Its elegant design was created to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles optimally. The Miu Miu Geisha balls also feature a wireless remote control that... Miu Miu Nalone, Geisha balls that...

  • CHF 169.90
    CHF 169.90

    Nalone Wave, a Rabbit vibrator for amazing successive waves of pleasure ... The vibrator Nalone Wave is offered with a pleasant look of neon pink and LED buttons for better visibility in the dark. Get ready to experience orgasms of a rare intensity through this new kind of Rabbit vibrator. Indeed, Nalone Wave is the first Rabbit vibrator capable of... Nalone Wave, a Rabbit vibrator for...

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