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  • CHF 26.90
    CHF 26.90

    Intimate Spreader, a vaginal spreader to stimulate the G spot of your partner in a targeted way ! This small silicone accessory will allow you to spread the lips of your partner so that you will have free access to her vagina as well as her clitoris. It will be much easier for you to target her G-Spot and stimulate efficiently it or to practice... Intimate Spreader, a vaginal spreader...

  • CHF 34.90
    CHF 34.90

    Shower Me Deluxe by You2Toys: a complete intimate shower system that connects to most bathroom faucets. Shower Me Deluxe by You2Toys is a complete shower system that will ensure a perfect intimate hygiene or allow you to discover new anal pleasures... Offered at a very low price, this complete set includes a flexible hose with fittings as well as two... Shower Me Deluxe by You2Toys: a...

  • CHF 34.90
    CHF 34.90

    You2Toys Godemichet: a perfect dildo for anal sex or for beginners, who want to enjoy realistic sensations. The You2Toys brand has created here a perfect penis replica with details such as visible veins, a pronounced glans and a pair of testicles. Modestly sized and with a curved shape, this dildo is capable of effectively massaging both the G-spot and... You2Toys Godemichet: a perfect dildo...

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    CHF 54.90
    CHF 54.90

    Giant Latex Balloon by You2Toys : A very big inflatable dildo for very intense pleasures! Get ready to feel ultra powerful sensations with extreme penetration and incredible filling feeling! Indeed, this inflatable dildo with realistic details offers a really imposing size with a diameter that can expand to 9 cm! This dildo is clearly intended for users... Giant Latex Balloon by You2Toys : A...

  • CHF 59.90
    CHF 59.90

    Donut by You2Toys: a vibrating masturbator with a neutral and discreet design for powerful orgasms! Donut is a modern masturbator that incorporates a soft, flexible internal stimulation sheath with countless small massage pins to give you an integrated penis stimulation. This masturbator is equipped with two powerful motors delivering pleasant... Donut by You2Toys: a vibrating...

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    CHF 29.90
    CHF 29.90

    Rear Splash by You2Toys: a shower nozzle that attaches to the end of the shower hose for anal stimulation with water... Introducing Rear Splash, a shower nozzle in the shape of an anal plug made of smooth and soft silicone, with a metal attachment system. Rear Splash can be considered as an ideal anal sextoy which associates perfectly pleasure and... Rear Splash by You2Toys: a shower...

  • CHF 19.90
    CHF 19.90

    Cockring Mr HookMr. Hook is a particular ring penis. It combines a cock ring with anal stimulator. It double the fun! Place the cockring on the base of your penis and insert the anal dildo in your anus or the one of your partner. You can place it in two directions. This cockring gives a real feeling of enjoyment during sex.Material: Silicone (without... Cockring Mr HookMr. Hook is a...

  • CHF 89.90
    CHF 89.90

    The Hammer - Rabbit vibratorThe Hummer is a vibrator Rabbit absolutely incredible! Unlike its competitors, the head rounded in the shape of a glans does not turn but rebounded with three adjustable speeds, a bit like a jackhammer. Whence its name "The Hammer." The vibrating rabbit ears placed on the side will stimulate your clitoris with 7 different modes... The Hammer - Rabbit vibratorThe...

  • CHF 28.90
    CHF 28.90

    Intimate Spreader Strong, a vaginal spreader which releases the clitoris and stimulate the G spot ! Intimate Spreader Strong is inserted into the vagina of your partner to spread her lips to free her clitoris while stimulating the G-spot.It has two adjustable clamps with two small screws that can hang on the lips of the vagina to ensure optimal spacing... Intimate Spreader Strong, a vaginal...

  • CHF 349.90
    CHF 349.90

    G & P-Spot Sex Machine: a rotating love machine for the stimulation of the G-Point or the P-Point and for sensational orgasms ! This rotating sex machine will suit both women and men with its two interchangeable dildo. This fuck machine also comes with a vibrator that you can slide into a holder provided for this purpose. You can enjoy an... G & P-Spot Sex Machine: a...

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