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  • CHF 37.90
    CHF 37.90

    Beaugosse BG 003 a Ballstretcher highly elastic to strengthen your erections and prolong your pleasure ! The Beaugosse BG 003 has been designed to allow you to enjoy a new kind of sensations on your testicles. It surrounds your balls and gently pulls them away against the bottom of your body. The feeling of stretching is comparable to the traction that... Beaugosse BG 003 a Ballstretcher...

  • CHF 33.90
    CHF 33.90

    Velv'or JBoa, an adjustable cock ring of high quality to maintain strong erections for long periods ... JBoa of Velv'or is more than a simple cock ring. The quality of the selected materials and its design make it a true male sexual jewel that will perfectly satisfy the most demanding of you. This sliding cockring adapts to all sex sizes. Once your penis... Velv'or JBoa, an adjustable cock ring...

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