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JouJou.ch offers you the full range of Durex condoms. Undoubtedly the best selling brand in the world with its Bestsellers such as Durex Performa especially developed for longer lasting lovemaking, to delay ejaculation or Durex Ultra Fine for more intense sensations.

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  • CHF 17.90
    CHF 17.90

    Durex Invisible: an ultra-thin condom that gives you the impression to wear nothing for even more natural feel ... Durex Invisible is the new condom from the famous brand. This is the thinnest condom ever developed by Durex. With only 0.045 mm thick, this extra thin condom is designed to multiply the sensations for both partners. As if you were not... Durex Invisible: an ultra-thin condom...

  • CHF 16.90
    CHF 16.90

    Durex Feeling Slim Fit: an ultra-thin condom for even more pleasure for two! Durex Feeling Slim Fit is a very thin, extra-lubricated condom that has a reservoir and also a special Slim Fit profile to offer you better support and optimal comfort during sex. These condoms are particularly suitable for men who want a condom that allows them to experience a... Durex Feeling Slim Fit: an ultra-thin...

  • CHF 13.90
    CHF 13.90

    Durex Feeling Ultra sensitive The Durex Feeling Ultra is the ideal condom to buy for those who want to protect themselves, but without the feeling of wearing a condom. 20% thinner than most standard condoms, you will forget that you are wearing a condom and the sensations are felt are maximum. Size: ø 52mm - 205mm - 0.025mm Contents: 10 Durex Feeling... Durex Feeling Ultra sensitive The...

  • CHF 12.90
    CHF 12.90

    Durex King Size XXLFor those who have a larger penis and wider than average. Durex has designed the king size condoms, Durex XXL. It has a diameter of 56mm and a length of 220mm. It is the largest of the range.Size: ø 56mm - 220mm - 0.065mmContents: 12 Durex King Size XXL condoms Durex King Size XXLFor those who have...

  • CHF 6.95
    CHF 6.95

    Durex Love Durex Love condoms are a little narrower than the average. Adjusted, their size allows them to adapt themselves better to the smaller shapes. Shape Easy laying is facilitated, which prevents the erection to fall back. These condoms are very popular among young people. Size: ø 52,5mm - 190mm Contents: 8 Durex Love condoms Durex Love Durex Love condoms are a...

  • CHF 13.90
    CHF 13.90

    Durex Feeling Extra LubricatedDurex Feeling Extra LubricatedCondoms are super thin for exceptional sensitivity.Approximately 20% thinner than standard condoms while providing the protection you need. Fitted shape for easy-on and great feel.Low latex scent. Size: Ø: 56mm L: 205mm E: 0.055 mmContents: 10 condoms Durex Feeling Extra Lubricated Durex Feeling Extra LubricatedDurex...

  • CHF 19.90
    CHF 19.90

    Durex Performa: a delaying condom specially designed to delay ejaculation and prolong pleasure ... Durex Performa is a condom for men with premature ejaculation. Indeed, the inside of condom Durex Performa is lubricated and contains benzocaine, which slightly anesthetizes the glans to make it less sensitive while allowing you to enjoy the sensations of... Durex Performa: a delaying condom...

  • CHF 24.90
    CHF 24.90

    Durex Natural Feeling: the ultra-thin latex Free condom that gives you the feeling of wearing nothing ... Durex Natural Feeling is a new condom made of latex-free material called Real Feel (polyisoprene). These condoms ultra thin will perfectly suit all people suffering from allergies to latex or simply for those looking for a very fine and very resistant... Durex Natural Feeling: the ultra-thin...

  • CHF 19.95
    CHF 19.95

    Durex Orgasm'Intense: The first condom specifically designed to intensify the woman's orgasm! The Durex Orgasm'Intense condom will make you experience a sexual experience that you would never have imagined possible with a condom. Indeed, these new condoms have been designed with a beaded and ribbed texture to provide maximum stimulation for your partner... Durex Orgasm'Intense: The first...

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