Urethral probe & plug

For lovers of new and intense sensations, JouJou.ch presents a range of urethral probes and plugs. These accessories, designed to explore and stimulate the urethra, offer a deep and unusual erotic experience. Each insertion is an invitation to rediscover your own body, to shiver under rarely explored stimulation. Our products are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring a smooth and secure insertion. Novices and regulars alike will find something to satisfy their curiosity and desires in our selection. We understand the importance of a safe, intimate experience, which is why at JouJou.ch we meticulously select each product to ensure your well-being. Embark on a new and rewarding sensory adventure, and let our urethral probes and plugs take you to unexplored depths of pleasure.

Cum Plug - Blue Junker T6 Cum Plug - Blue Junker T6
CHF 7.90
Cum Plug - Blue Junker T5
CHF 7.90

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