Delaying Ejaculation

Every intimate moment is precious, and with's range of delaying sprays, creams and gels, you can prolong every second. Designed to delay ejaculation, these products allow you to maintain control and ensure a prolonged experience for you and your partner. Formulated with quality ingredients, they work gently without sacrificing pleasure. At, although we are not the manufacturers, our commitment is to offer you effective and reliable solutions for your intimate needs. Discretion, fast shipping and impeccable quality are the cornerstones of our service. Immerse yourself in an extended experience with delaying solutions and rediscover the potential of your most intimate moments.

Pjur Superhero Serum 20 ml - Delay Spray
CHF 23.90
Shunga - Dragon Virility Cream 60ml Shunga - Dragon Virility Cream 60ml
CHF 35.90

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