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The Fuck Machine or Sex Machine is an accessory that awakens many fantasy! These unglamorous accessories have the feature and advantage of being able to simulate the comings and goings of a penis during penetration unlike most toys who only vibrate or turn on themselves. The ability to adjust the speed and depth achieves simply to repetitives amazing orgasms! All of this, hands free wich enable you to use simultaneously other toys or take care of your partner. We offer you several quality models that have already proven themselves.

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  • CHF 369.90
    CHF 369.90

    Fetish Fantasy Series Portable Sex MachineThis Fuck Machine can follow you anywhere thanks to its compact size that fits in any suitcase and its universal adapter! Despite its small size (which allows easy and discreet storage), this sex machine has 4 ultra powerful suction cups, two interchangeable phthalate free dildos, a vibrator that is a remote... Fetish Fantasy Series Portable Sex...

  • CHF 398.90
    CHF 398.90

    Extreme Sex Machine: a very versatile portable sexual machine to satisfy your wildest fantasies in solo or with your partner! This fucking machine Fetish Fantasy from the brand "Pipedream" will simply fill you with happiness thanks to the many possibilities that it is able to offer you in terms of sexual pleasure. Compact, you can easily take with you... Extreme Sex Machine: a very versatile...

  • CHF 249.90
    CHF 249.90

    G & P-Spot Sex Machine: a rotating love machine for the stimulation of the G-Point or the P-Point and for sensational orgasms ! This rotating sex machine will suit both women and men with its two interchangeable dildo. This fuck machine also comes with a vibrator that you can slide into a holder provided for this purpose. You can enjoy an... G & P-Spot Sex Machine: a...

  • CHF 489.90
    CHF 489.90

    Sex Machine Auto Banger by LoveBotz: a compact and portable fuck machine to use during your BDSM games or simply in solo! No sextoy nor human being can compete with the endless endurance and the relentless beats that you will get from a sex machine. With "Auto Banger" you can now have your own fuck machine in a compact size, handy and especially... Sex Machine Auto Banger by LoveBotz:...

  • CHF 549.00
    CHF 549.00

    Fucking Machines Power Banger by Doc Johnson: an incredibly powerful sex machine for endless pleasure! The famous American brand of sex toys "Doc Johnson" offers you here its latest creation from the "Kink" collection, the Fuck Machine Power Banger. This fucking machine offers you superior power as well as endless deep pleasure for repeated orgasms. The... Fucking Machines Power Banger by Doc...

  • CHF 589.90
    CHF 589.90

    The F-Machine Gigolo Fuck MachineHere is a very stylish, elegant, sophisticated and sexy Fuck Machine. Not many words you would be used to describe a machine designed to ‘fuck’. However, the F-machine from fuck labs in the UK has delivered what was impossible before, then wrapped it up in some state of the art of technology to offer you: your own personal... The F-Machine Gigolo Fuck MachineHere...

  • CHF 369.90 CHF 469.90
    CHF 369.90 CHF 469.90

    Thrustick Remote Love Machine Tube: a self heated sex machine moving back and forth for incredible orgasms! Spice up your sex games with this love Thrustick machine that will allow you to clip not 1, but 2 different dildos for double intense pleasure. Indeed, this unique machine offers you the opportunity to clip 2 different tips. A penis-shaped dildo... Thrustick Remote Love Machine Tube: a...

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  • CHF 890.00
    CHF 890.00

    LoveBotz The Milker: an automatic sex machine that will masturbate you, suck you and much more ... The famous manufacturer of Fuck Machine "Lovebotz" is proud to present you here its new creation! It is a brand new automatic love machine specially designed for oral sex. Indeed, this love machine was specifically designed to suck and caress automatically.... LoveBotz The Milker: an automatic sex...

  • CHF 298.90
    CHF 298.90

    The Bigger Bang by Fetish Fantasy : an amazing rotating sex machine for unprecedented orgasms ! Get ready for an incredible orgasmic experience with this brand new "Bigger Bang" fucking machine from Pipedream. Indeed, unlike other traditional sex machines that only penetrate with back and forth movements, the Bigger Bang Sex Machine uses an exclusive... The Bigger Bang by Fetish Fantasy :...

  • CHF 895.00
    CHF 895.00

    The Saddle Deluxe by LoveBotz: a vibrant saddle for a fantastic ride and breathtaking orgasms! This ultra-powerful Sybian style sex machine will offer you a rodeo that you will not forget. Strong sensations and orgasms of rare intensity guaranteed! All you have to do is to mount the comfortable padded seat and slowly impale yourself on the firm and dildo... The Saddle Deluxe by LoveBotz: a...

  • CHF 248.90 CHF 298.90
    CHF 248.90 CHF 298.90

    Fetish Fantasy International Rockin'Chair: a sex machine or rather a vibrant sex saddle that promises you intense and explosive orgasms! Here is a sex machine not quite like the others. Indeed, the secret behind this pulsating pleasure device is the perfectly positioned silicone clitoral stimulator! This one is able to offer you breathtaking sensations,... Fetish Fantasy International...

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  • CHF 689.90
    CHF 689.90

    Sex Machine "The Dicktator": Create your ultimate sex station and BDSM with this very versatile Fuck Machine! The Dicktator is a fuck machine that controls your fingertips. It will bring incredible pleasure to both the subject and the dominant person. Indeed, this machine has been designed to be used with the BDSM bench of the brand Master Series... Sex Machine "The Dicktator": Create...

  • New!
    CHF 490.90
    CHF 490.90

    Fuck Machine AK03: a compact and robust automatic kissing machine for an unbeatable and above all endless pleasure The all-new Fuck Machine AK03 has a high-speed, unstoppable and durable motor from 0 to 240 rpm. Its new compact and modern appearance offers very good stability and will be perfect for beginners but will also satisfy more experienced users.... Fuck Machine AK03: a compact and...

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    CHF 155.90
    CHF 155.90

    Luxury Kit For Her by HiSmith: an indispensable set of accessories for HiSmith's premium quality sex machines. Here is a box containing five adapters (with Kliclok system) to allow you to live multiple experiences with your HiSmith fuck machine. Contents of the box : 1 x Vac-U-Lock dildo holder black 1 x adapter for attaching a suction cup 1 x 30cm... Luxury Kit For Her by HiSmith: an...

  • CHF 689.00
    CHF 689.00

    Love Glider – Fuck MachineThis very special fuck machine allows you to control the speed and depth of penetration through your own movements. Just as if you were sitting on your partner. You have the control of everything. This love machine is very comfortable to use with its padded sides.Dimensions of love Glider: 57 cm long, 33.5 cm wide, 50 cm... Love Glider – Fuck MachineThis very...

  • CHF 890.00
    CHF 890.00

    Fucking Machine F-Machine Pro 3The F-Machine Pro 3 is one of the best fucking machine you will find on the market. This sex machine is extremely powerful, silent and versatile. Its featuring an adjustable thrust rod length, adjustable thrust depth of 1-6 inches and adjustable front and rear legs to suit various positions for even more pleasure. The... Fucking Machine F-Machine Pro 3The...

  • New!
    CHF 590.90
    CHF 590.90

    Fuck Machine AK01: an automatic, robust and ultra quiet kissing machine for a discreet and endless pleasure ... The all-new Fuck Machine AK01 has a very smooth sliding motion, combined with a quiet motor, for a noise level of less than 50 dB. The new, modern look of this fuck machine incorporates a powerful, quiet motor that provides incredible... Fuck Machine AK01: an automatic,...

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