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Discover our Top 10 of our best sex toys for women. You want to buy a vibrator, geisha balls or an anal sex toy? You will find here our best sales of sextoys for women.  You will then be sure to make the right choice. Do not miss the famous Womanizer, the formidable Satisfyer or the incredible vibrating egg "Lush" without forgetting the Fifty Shades of Gray collection and many more ... Your favorite woman sex toy is waiting for you on Order today before 5 pm and receive your order discreetly the next working day while enjoying our free shipments throughout Switzerland.

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  • CHF 34.90 CHF 39.90
    CHF 34.90 CHF 39.90

    VOLITA by Fun Factory: a mini vibrator for a maximum of pleasure alone or with your partner! Here is the mini vibrator Fun Factory VOLITA. A small sextoy but with a maximum of power .... Indeed, this is the mini version of the bestseller FUN FACTORY VOLTA. This vibrator keeps the same dynamic movement of its fins so much appreciated by women. As it's big... VOLITA by Fun Factory: a mini...

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  • CHF 57.95
    CHF 57.95

    Satisfyer Pro 2: a clitoral stimulator 100% waterproof you can use several times in a row to give you Repeated orgasms. Especially designed to give you a maximum of pleasure with its intensive pressure waves and tingling pulsation, the new sextoy Satisfyer Pro 2 will provide you a touch-free clitoral stimulation. You can use the Satisfyer Pro 2 even under... Satisfyer Pro 2: a clitoral...

  • CHF 27.90
    CHF 27.90

    Get Real Mini Classic: a realistic vibrator of small size that will be perfect for novices but also for the most experienced of you to spice up your preliminaries ... This realistic vibrator is the perfect sex toy to stimulate vaginal, clitoral and anal erogenous zones. Indeed, the small size of this vibrator maks it a very versatile sex toy that will... Get Real Mini Classic: a realistic...

  • CHF 29.90
    CHF 29.90

    Realistic dildo by "You2Toys": a dildo with realistic appearance and small size specially designed for anal penetration! Here is 100% silicone flexible dildo that will be suitable for beginners as well as for pegging or anal penetration. Indeed, this dildo with ultra realistic appearance and touch has the dimensions of a standard penis of about 14.5 cm.... Realistic dildo by "You2Toys": a...

  • CHF 68.95
    CHF 68.95

    Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration: a clitoral stimulator that combines stimulating pressure waves with sensual vibrations to offer you an incomparable pleasure experience! Introducing the brand new Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration ! A clitoral stimulator that looks a bit like an Australian boomerang. Made entirely of soft, silky silicone, this pleasure dispenser... Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration: a...

  • CHF 49.90
    CHF 49.90

    B Swish Bthrilled Classic: a powerful 100% waterproof body wand vibrator with an attractive look for intense stimulation ... B Swish Bthrilled is a sex toy especially designed for the stimulation of the erogenous zones and more particularly the clitoris. The Body Wand Bthrilled incorporates a powerful motor that offers you 5 vibration modes to vary the... B Swish Bthrilled Classic: a powerful...

  • CHF 149.95
    CHF 149.95

    Satisfyer Luxury Haute Couture: the famous sextoy specially designed to give you pleasure comes back in a special luxury version !!! Satisfyer's new "Haute Couture" clitoral stimulator is made from ultra-soft liquid silicone and is perfectly decorated with genuine leather and precious metal. Treat yourself with the best simply because you are worth it!... Satisfyer Luxury Haute Couture: the...

  • CHF 69.90
    CHF 69.90

    FUN FACTORY Abby G: an incredibly powerful sextoy that will give you low frequency and deep vibrations for incredible and incomparable pleasure! With the brand new FUN FACTORY BATTERY + vibrators, you will get all the freedom of a sexy toy working withbattery without sacrificing anything of its power! The vibrator "ABBY G" is equipped with a... FUN FACTORY Abby G: an incredibly...

  • CHF 169.90
    CHF 169.90

    Uprize: the first bionic vibrator in the world that can rise up according to your wishes to provide you even more pleasure! Uprize is a very special realistic vibrator. Indeed, equipped with a brand new patented technology "UPRIZE®", this vibrating dildo will get hard for you thanks to a simple touch located on the wireless remote control. You will have... Uprize: the first bionic vibrator in...

  • CHF 57.95
    CHF 57.95

    Satisfyer Master: an XXL vibrator with the right dimensions and the right technology for a maximum of pleasure and extreme sensations !!! Thanks to its 12 impressive and powerful vibration settings as well as 4.7 cm maximum diameter and 17 cm insertion length, the flexible shaft of the Satisfyer Master vibrator will give you a simply incomparable... Satisfyer Master: an XXL vibrator...

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