Anal Gels

The key to a successful sensual experience often lies in the details. The intimate gels available from are specially formulated to enhance every intimate moment, ensuring comfort, softness and amplified sensation. Whether it's a gel to promote lubrication, a stimulant to increase sensitivity or a soothing product for maximum comfort, our selection meets every need. By choosing to collaborate with renowned brands, is committed to offering top-quality intimate gels that are skin-friendly and free from harmful substances. Each bottle is a promise of intensified intimate moments, renewed complicity and an adventure full of tenderness and excitement. Take your intimacy to the next level with the range of intimate gels available from

Waterbased intime gel Just Glide - 200ml
CHF 10.90
Anal relax lubricant 250ml - Male
CHF 25.90
Lubricant Fisting Gel UltraX 200 ml - EROS Lubricant Fisting Gel UltraX 200 ml - EROS
CHF 40.90
Bioglide Anal 150ml - natural lubricant Joydivision
CHF 17.90

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