E- Stim - Electrosex

The thrill of electricity can awaken unsuspected sensations, making every quiver more intense and every touch unforgettable. With SM Estim electrostimulation, available on JouJou.ch, you're invited to discover a totally new dimension of pleasure. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned user, our Estim products are designed to deliver a safe, adjustable and intensely rewarding experience. From gentle tingling to deep, rhythmic pulses, master every sensation with precision. Redefine the boundaries of desire and explore a world of electric excitement where every jolt is a promise of ecstasy. Don't wait any longer and let JouJou.ch guide you through the electrifying adventure of SM electrostimulation.

Whip with electrostimulation - Zeus E-Stim Crop Whip with electrostimulation - Zeus E-Stim Crop
CHF 70.90

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